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Where is Hungary ?

Hungary, officially the Republic of Hungary, is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of 312,696 square kilometers, and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. Hungary is bordered by Germany in west, the Czech Republic in south west, Slovakia in south, Ukraine in south east, Belarus in east and Lithuania and Russia in north east. The country shares maritime borders with Denmark and Sweden.

Types Of Hungary Visas

As per the Hungary Immigration rules, The Ministry of Poland Foreign Affairs has divided the visas into three categories according to the needs of the travelers.
  • A-Type Visa (Transit Visa)

  • C-Type Visa (Short-Stay Visa)

  • D- Type Visa (National Visa)

What is A-Type Visa?

An “A-type” (Airport Transit visa) is issued only to citizens of the few countries. Citizens of these countries, i.e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ghana, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka who must have a visa when any traveler transiting through the international transit areas of airports. Also please keep this information in mind that an A-type transit visa only permits to stay in the international transit area of an airport. It does not permit entry in the Schengen Area or leaving the airport’s transit area.

What is C-Type Visa?

The Uniform Schengen Visa is valid in the Schengen Area and permits its holder to remain in the territory of all of the Schengen Area Member Countries for a maximum of 90 days during a 180-day period. Schengen Visa with limited territorial validity is valid only in the territory of one or more Schengen Member States, but not in all the Schengen Area Member States and permits its holder to remain in their territory for a maximum of 90 days during a 180-day period.

What is D-Type Visa?

D-type national visa permits to enter the territory of the Republic of Hungary and to stay continuously or for several successive times in this territory for a total duration of more than 90 days during the period of visa validity, but no longer than one year.D-type national visa also permits to travel in the territory of other Schengen Area Member States for up to 90 days during a 180-day period, during the validity period of the visa.

What are the documents is required to apply the Hungary Work Permit?

  • o A valid passport with at least two blank pages
  • o An updated CV
  • o Visa page or resident ID copy in the current country of residence.
  • o Experience proof and education documents only if demanded by the Hungary employers

What is the minimum salary will an employee get in month?

As per the National minimum wage in Poland remained fixed at around (610 € to 1000 € ) per month.

Does employer provides accommodation while working with any employer in Poland?

As per the information, most Hungary employers provide free accommodation to the foreign workers, but we cannot say that all employers should do so. All these information are given to you in writing in a contract sent by the employer before applying for a visa. In the contract you will get written confirmation about your accommodation, food, and transport facilities that will be provided during your working duration with Poland.
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